Fine Art Photography

The Process

Gene's photographs portray a lifetime of being behind a camera lens. One of the first pictures he took was at the Berlin Wall in1966. His expertise and passion for bringing the images he captures to life comes from over 40 years of living and loving the art of photography. Some of the images you see here he has worked on and nurtured to fruition for over a decade. 


Gene has decided to make his vast body of work available. Each print is processed and printed using the latest technology and highest quality materials.


Fine Art Value

Gene had decided to make his vast body of work available to the public    Each print is processed and printed using the latest technology and photographic processes.  .

The Artist

Gene Bushe

Gene takes pictures because it's his way of understanding the world. He is fascinated with buildings and structures, light and shadow, shapes and patterns.  It says to him "I'm here. I fit into this world of things". When he takes pictures of old things , like cars or buildings, he says he is feeling the history of the people who used those things or worked there. He has preserved over forty years of street and graffiti art in his graffiti collection and his body of work and interests  continue to grow. . 

Art  and Technology

Seeing The world in  A Grain of Sand

There's a trend in digital photography these days to pump up the image, to colorize it and turn it into something other than what it is in nature..  Gene tries to keep as close to the original image as possible.  He can  be seen with a Nikon, D7000. He tends to keep to a  35-70 lens. He doesn't use telephoto or wide angle lenses..  Being true to the moment captured in the photographers eye and  by the camera is a skill he has developed over the  years since his first show in Soho in 1976.

Fine Art Photography

The Poetry Of

Gene travels the world capturing these images.  His friends and fans have encouraged him to reach out to  a wider audience.   Besides his vast body of work, he is  creating new art and capturing  exciting new images daily that will  be added to the online Gallery. 

Gene Bushe Fine Art Photography

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